Following is a summary of some of the items that were considered at the July 27nd Powell River Regional District Board meeting. This summary is being provided as part of our commitment to transparency. It is our belief that an informed and engaged community results in decisions that serve the common good.

Financial Assistance – Food Security Project
The Board approved financial assistance in the amount of $5,000 to the Powell River Food Policy Council.      

Lasqueti Community Association Request to be removed from the Regional Cemetery Service
The Board endorsed the request from the Lasqueti Community Association to be removed from the Regional Cemetery service as islanders operate and manage their own cemetery.

Regional Public Transportation Service Exploration Working Group Terms of Reference
The Board adopted the Terms of Reference for a Regional Public Transportation Service Exploration Working Group.

Savary Island Wharf – Bike Racks and Shed Upgrade Tender
The Board approved staff engaging SJH Contracting Inc. to complete the Savary Island wharf bike rack and shed upgrades for the quoted price of $61,073.25 (inclusive of taxes) as submitted in the Savary Island Wharf: Bike Racks & Shed Upgrade Tender.

Provincial Emergency Wildfire Assistance
The Board authorized trained Emergency Operations Centre staff and Emergency Support Services personnel to let their name stand should Emergency Management British Columbia be required to approach and deploy trained emergency responders from local governments to Emergency Operations Centres in other jurisdictions during the current wildfire devastation.

Lasqueti Island Volunteer Fire Department – Option C
The Board agreed to engage Mr. Kellet to prepare a second report for the Board and Lasqueti Island Volunteer Fire Department, costing the amended Option C and detailing the viability of the amended Option C, and comparing that to the next best option as prepared by Mr. Kellet. Mr. Kellet has also been requested to visit Lasqueti Island as part of his research.

Texada Island Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaw No. 395.3
Texada Island Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaw No. 395.3 was given third reading and final adoption by the Board.

Solid Waste Management Plan Update Draft
The Board approved the Draft Solid Waste Management and Resource Recovery Plan and moved it to the phase of public engagement.


Need More Information?
If you require any further information regarding any of the summary items listed above, please contact the regional district office at 604-485-2260 or The draft minutes for this meeting will be posted to this website under Meetings, Minutes and Agendas as soon as possible.