In the summer of 2017, the only used oil repository service in Powell River was discontinued. The retailer that had previously provided a depot for used oil and antifreeze products opted out of the BC Used Oil Management Association (BCUOMA) Extended Producers Responsibility Program. This left residents of the Powell River region without free disposal for their used oil products and antifreeze, even though they continued to pay eco fees when purchasing new oil and antifreeze.

Since the depot’s closure, Regional District staff has worked diligently to facilitate a new partnership between BCUOMA and another local area business to bring back this vital service to our region. Sunshine Disposal & Recycling, one of our existing local recycling businesses, agreed to engage with BCUOMA on this initiative. BCUOMA will provide the infrastructure required to carry out the program, meeting environmental requirements.

Sunshine Disposal & Recycling is targeting January 17, 2018 as the first day of business for this service. Customers can drop off used oil, oil filters, the containers in which oil was purchased and antifreeze at Sunshine Disposal’s Franklin Street depot on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm.

This program is strictly for residential purposes as other programs exist to service commercial service stations.

This collaboration will provide:
• A much needed service to the greater population of the Regional District including the City of Powell River and Tla’amin Nation
• An expanded business opportunity for a local business
• Greater protection for our environment

All of these benefits at no cost to our local governments.

Please contact Mike Wall, Manager of Asset Management & Strategic Initiatives with the Powell River Regional District at 604 485-2260 or Dale McCormack, Operations Manager with Sunshine Disposal & Recycling at 604 485-0167 for further information.