In 2014 recycling across British Columbia changed as communities signed onto the Provincial Extended Producer Responsibility program for Packaging and Paper Product (PPP). The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change Strategy’s (MOECCS) recycling regulation mandates that the recycling program plan, Recycle BC, handle residential recycling ONLY and does not currently mandate the collection of PPP from the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) sector.  The Town Centre Recycling depot is the only depot in Powell River that will accept PPP from the ICI sector and can only accept a minimal amount of material.  Over the last couple of years, the global market for all recyclable commodities including paper and cardboard have hit a record low with no rebound in sight.  As a result, local ICI recycler, Sunshine Disposal is no longer able to accept paper and cardboard free of charge and advised that they will be charging a tipping fee in addition to their bin rentals.  

*Please note that If you are recycling ICI cardboard and are planning to recycle at the Town Centre depot, there will be restrictions on the size and quantity of materials allowed.

For more information call Let’s Talk Trash: 604.578.8142 x308