The following is a summary of some of the items that were considered at the July 25, 2019 qathet Regional District Board Meeting. This summary is being provided as part of our commitment to transparency. It is our belief that an informed and engaged community results in decisions that serve the common good.


Special Use Agreement Encouraging Zero Waste at Events

The Board endorsed changes to “Regional Parks Regulation Bylaw No. 325, 1999″ to include the Application for Special Use Agreement Zero Waste Management Plan. The “Regional Parks Regulation Amendment Bylaw No. 325.21, 2019” was adopted at the July 25, 2019 Board Meeting. The Bylaw is a “Let’s Talk Trash” initiative aimed at encouraging less waste from single use disposable items used during public events.

Lund Sewer Service Development Cost Charges

The Board received “the Lund Sewer Development Cost Charge Bylaw No. 550, 2019” for first reading. This Bylaw is to replace the current “Lund Sewer Development Cost Charge Bylaw 262, 1995”.

The Board amended the “Lund Sewer Development Cost Charges Reserve Fund Bylaw No. 407, 2006” to reflect that the authority to impose development cost charges within the Lund Sewer service area is now through the “Lund Sewer Development Cost Charge Bylaw No, 550, 2019”, once Bylaw No. 550 has been adopted.

Myrtle Pond Water Service Development Financing Options

The Board approved a grant application to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing for funds to offset the estimated $30,000 cost to complete a Myrtle Pond Water System Capacity Assessment in 2020. If actual study costs exceed the estimate, the Myrtle Pond Water service shall be responsible for costs not covered by the grant.

Professional Audit Services Proposals

The Board appointed MNP as the auditors for the qathet Regional District for a period of five years based on their proposal dated May 23, 2019.

The Board directed staff to discontinue preparation and dissemination of supplementary Schedules 1 through 31 with the audited financial statements.

Lasqueti Last Resort Society Contribution Agreement

The Board entered into the Lasqueti Island Health Centre Service (L.I.H.C.) – Contribution Agreement with the Lasqueti Last Resort Society in order to fund the operation and maintenance of the L.I.H.C. on Lasqueti Island.

Request for Financial Assistance – Texada Ceramic and Sculpture Studio

The Board approved a Grant-in-Aid in the amount $200 to the Texada Ceramic and Sculpture Studio from the Electoral Area D Grant-in-Aid Budget.

Agreement with Lasqueti Last Resort Society

The Board entered into an agreement with the Lasqueti Last Resort Society for provision of washrooms, washing facilities for members of the Lasqueti Island Volunteer Fire Department, low-level heating for the Fire Hall vehicle bay, and electricity.

Private Managed Forest Land Program Review

The Board will write a letter to the BC Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development and submit the views and concerns of qathet Regional District regarding the Private Managed Forest Land Program Review.

Loan Authorization Bylaw for Northside Fire Hall – Alternative Approval Process

The Board adopted the “Northside Fire Hall Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 547, 2019”.

Follow-up on Powell River Regional Cabin Owners Association Request for Assistance Regarding Grey Water Discharge

The Board received the staff report dated July 3, 2019 on the subject of the Powell River Regional Cabin Owners Association’s request for assistance regarding grey water discharge.

BC Transit Expansion Memorandum of Understanding

The Board approved the BC Transit Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure in an effort to improve transportation to Saltery Bay.

UBCM 2019 Meeting with the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure re Improved Regional Transportation

The Board concurred with the recommendation of the Committee of the Whole to ratify that staff be authorized to request a meeting with the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure at the 2019 Union of BC Municipalities Convention regarding improved regional transportation before the July 17, 2019 deadline.


Need More Information?

If you require any further information regarding any of the summary items listed above, please contact the Regional District office at 604-485-2260 or The draft minutes for this meeting will be posted to under Meetings, Minutes and Agendas as soon as possible.