911 service is available in the City of Powell River and in Electoral Areas A, B, C and D of the Powell River Regional District.

Lasqueti Island does not participate in the 911 service. To report a fire on Lasqueti Island, call the fire reporting number 250 954-4432 (paging system) and follow the prompts. Do not leave a voice mail message at this number as this is an emergency fire reporting number only. When this number is called, all Lasqueti Island fire department pagers are activated. A fire department dispatcher will call you at the number you entered into the paging system and gather your information. For medical emergencies on Lasqueti, call BC Ambulance at 250 248-3511. They will gather your information and activate the responding team.

Guidelines for Using 911 Services – City of Powell River, Electoral Areas A, B, C and D
If you or someone with you needs emergency assistance:

  • Dial 911 to access emergency assistance from Police, Ambulance or Fire Departments.
  • These departments are dispatched separately, so the first question you need to answer is “Police, Ambulance or Fire?”
  • Give the address or location and phone number you are calling from.
  • Speak clearly and describe the problem (i.e. there has been a car accident, someone is injured, there has been a break in, etc.)
  • Follow instructions from dispatch or emergency personnel.
  • Stay with anyone who is injured and give them comfort.
  • Ask bystanders to stay out of the way and clear the way for responders.
  • Never call 911 unnecessarily as you may be endangering the life of someone who has a true emergency.
  • If you call 911 by mistake, stay on the line. If you hang up without explaining your error, the police will come to your home to make certain you are all right.

For More 911 Information

North Island 911 Corporation