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The Northside Volunteer Fire Department (NVFD) had its unofficial beginning in 1968 and through the dedication of its volunteers has been providing life and property protection to northside residents ever since. The department currently has 20 members that provide 24/7 fire fighting, first responder and auto-extrication services.  NVFD Brochure

For information on how you can help protect your family and property from the risk of fire, check out this Residents’ Guide to Rural Fire Suppression Brochure.



Service Area
NVFD’s Fire Protection Service Area includes properties from just north of Lund (north boundary of DLs 4194, 1615, 4204) south to Tla’amin Nation’s former reserve boundary and includes properties on the Malaspina Peninsula side of Okeover Inlet from Penrose Bay south. It does not include Sharpe’s Bay, Bliss Landing, Savary Island or Hernando Island.  Service Area Map

Superior Tanker Shuttle Service

Recently the members of the NVFD successfully attained Superior Tanker Shuttle Service Accreditation. Many properties in the service area now qualify for “equivalent to fire hydrant protection” on their insurance policies because of this accreditation. These properties must be within 8 km of road travel from either of the NVFD fire halls and within 5 km of road travel of a recognized water supply point. The current recognized supply points in the service area include all fire hydrants within the Lund and Tla’amin water systems and the storage tank at the fire hall on Plummer Creek Road. 

The Fire Underwriter Survey updated the Canadian Fire Insurance Grading Index to show the new Dwelling Protection Grade for properties that qualify within the service area. Click here to see the map, the new rating is DPG 3B(s).

Here is a video showing how the process of shuttling water to portable water tanks when there are no fire hydrants available. 

Department Officers
Fire Chief:  Jim Brown
Deputy Chief: Norm Penner

Contact Information
(fire halls are unmanned)
Main Fire Hall Location:  8540 Plummer Creek Road
Auxiliary Fire Hall Location:  9642 Larson Road (Lund)

Mailing Address:  8540 Plummer Creek Road, Powell River, BC  V8A 0E5

Fire Hall Phone:  604 483-7700


Main Fire Hall

In 2012, the Regional District built a new fire hall at 8540 Plummer Creek Road on the corner of Plummer Creek Road and Craig Road, north of the City of Powell River. We are proud to note that this facility was built to post-disaster standards and was constructed by local contractors.

The fire hall features:

  • Four apparatus bays
  • A 30,000 gallon rainwater collection cistern
  • Air purification/filtering system in apparatus bays
  • Training room for region-wide firefighter training
  • Laundry facility, kitchen, meeting room, sleeping facilities for on-call members
  • Emergency generator

Join the Department
If you have a desire to be part of something bigger, foster your sense of community and be a team member, then sign up to be a part of the Northside Volunteer Fire Department. We are looking for people with a wide variety of interests and abilities: firefighting and first aid, vehicle and mechanical maintenance and repair, office management and building maintenance. The Northside Volunteer Fire Department is dedicated to providing our team members with the training they need to serve our community. Our volunteers practice weekly and special training sessions are often held.

If you have any questions or wish to join our team, please call our Fire Chief Jim Brown at 604 483-9303. Alternatively, fill out our Application Form and mail it to Northside Volunteer Fire Department, 8540 Plummer Creek Road, Powell River, BC  V8A 0E5 or drop it by the regional district office. One of our department members will contact you.

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