Parks, greenspaces and recreation services provide many positive benefits to a community. They offer people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to appreciate our natural landscapes, to learn about wildlife and the environment, and to enjoy a variety of outdoor recreational experiences.

Parks protect significant and diverse ecological features and species. They help to maintain wildlife habitat and to conserve natural ecosystems on which our communities depend. Parks are also places of education, study and relaxation for both residents and visitors.

Our regional district is taking a long term approach to acquiring park land, protecting sensitive ecosystems and preserving traditional public access to popular recreation areas on our waterfront and in our backcountry. The Regional District Parks and Greenspace Plan was developed to provide direction to the board to help achieve these goals.

The qathet Regional District manages 8 regional parks and a few small recreation facilities. These parks and facilities are located on lands that are owned by the regional district or leased from the province. The parks are a region-wide service financed by taxes from all members of the regional district. The recreation facilities are local area services financed by taxes from specific areas. The qathet Regional District does not offer recreation programming or operate any large recreation centers.