Illegal dumping is a problem that continues to persist in Powell River. Many items that are illegally dumped actually fit into ‘Extended Producer Responsibility’ (EPR) recycling programs. Items such as bulky white appliances (stoves, washing machines, etc.), small and large electronics, paint, hazardous materials, propane tanks and many metal items all can be disposed of for free in Powell River. Please view the Waste Wise Recycling Directory for a comprehensive list of accepted materials.

If you spot illegally dumped trash, please use  This is an app for smartphones that requires you to sign up for a free account. Once you are on, you can take a photo of the trash and your phone will automatically record the gps coordinates. Once you upload the photo onto the app, the coordinates will become a pinpoint on the map and you can then fill out a quick report of what materials the site consists of, how much material is there and any other details you want to add. The map can then be used by local governments, community groups or members of the public who want to participate in cleanup efforts. Anyone can view the map and hover over pinpoints to see the details that have been recorded. Once cleaned, the sites can be removed.

Want to get more involved? Each year the Powell River Regional District hosts a community clean up – the Trash Bash. The 2016 Trash Bash was held on Saturday, April 30. With over 200 volunteer participants, we cleaned up 32 tonnes of garbage. Thanks to all involved!