The Powell River Regional District (PRRD) is updating its Solid Waste Management Plans (SWMP) (inclusive of the Lasqueti Island sub-plan). A Solid Waste Management Plan is a legally binding document that is mandated by the province for all regional districts. The purpose of the SWMP is to provide the PRRD with a guiding document that will direct the region’s solid waste management activities over the next 10 years, while also considering longer-term objectives and opportunities.

The most recent SWMP was prepared in 2013 but did not receive final approval by the Minister of Environment. Due to changes in the solid waste management system in the PRRD since 2013, the Plan prepared in 2013 has become outdated and needs to be reviewed within the current context of solid waste management in the PRRD and the province of BC.

The process to review the plans will be conducted in three steps. The first step was an assessment of the current system and a report on the implementation status of the 2013 SWMP. The second step is the review of options to address the region’s future solid waste management needs and the selection of preferred options. The final step will be a community and stakeholder consultation process to obtain input into the selected options.


Plan Status
The process to prepare an updated SWMP began in August 2016 and is expected to be complete mid- 2017.

Plan Development
The PRRD Board of Directors identified updating the SWMP as a priority in 2015. The PRRD has engaged a consulting team to assist and develop a new regional plan. A summary of the stages of the planning process is shown below.

A Solid Waste Management Plan Review Advisory Committee, which consists of public, local government and technical representation, is working to provide input into the new SWMP. The advisory committee works with the consultants to identify options to address the region’s future solid waste management needs, recommend preferred options, and advise on community consultation approaches. Notes from the advisory committee meetings, including presentation materials, are below:

Stage 1 – Current System Evaluation (Complete)
The first step in the review was to create the Stage 1 Report: Existing Solid Waste Management System. This document outlines the implementation status of the 2013 Plan and describes the current waste management system in the PRRD. This information will be used as the baseline for developing an updated SWMP.

Stage 2 – Analysis and Evaluation of Waste Management Options (underway)

Stage 3 – Plan Consultation and Finalization (future)


Technical Memos and Reports

Community Consultation
Our questionnaire regarding solid waste management services and practices in the Powell River Regional District is now closed. We thank you for your input.


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