The qathet Regional District has supported a local volunteer-led “Bear Aware” program since 2006. In 2015 the Regional District partnered with the BC Conservation Foundation to fund a WildSafeBC Community Coordinator position in the region. The program will continue in 2019 and the Community Coordinator will be tasked with helping residents find ways to reduce human-wildlife conflict with all forms of wildlife.

General information on reducing human-wildlife conflicts can be found at or by contacting the WildSafeBC Community Coordinator by email at

Help prevent conflicts between people and bears in our community by keeping your property free of common bear attractants such as garbage, smelly compost, fallen fruit and nuts, barbeques, bird feeders and pet food.

Check out our 5 Easy Tips for Making Compost in Bear Country Brochure and our How to be Bear Smart poster.

Conservation Officer 24 Hour Hotline:  1-877-952-7277