The qathet Regional District is updating its development cost charge (DCC) bylaw and invites the public, developers and other stakeholders to learn more about the update process and review the draft program and draft DCC rates.

On October 16, 2019, the qathet Regional District will host an open house to share information on changes to the development cost charges for the Lund Sewer System.

Development Cost Charges (DCCs) are a mechanism provided under the provincial Local Government Act for municipalities and regional districts to recover costs of infrastructure projects necessary to service growth and development. Water, sewer, drainage, roads, parkland and park improvements are eligible for funding through DCCs.

The qRD adopted the current Lund Sewer Development Charge (DCC) Bylaw in 1995. The bylaw required a comprehensive review and update and the qRD retained Kerr Wood Leidal Associates Ltd. (KWL) to complete it.

When will the New DCC Rates be Effective?

The new DCC rates will be effective immediately following adoption of the new qathet Regional District development cost charges bylaw. The Local Government Act (LGA) provides special protection (in-stream) from rate increases for development applications submitted prior to the bylaw adoption date. Sections 511 and 568 of the LGA outline the criteria that must be met for an application to qualify for in-stream protection.

If an application meets the required criteria and is submitted prior to the adoption of the new DCC bylaw, it will be provide protection from rate increases for a period of 12 months after the adoption date.

What are DCC Rates?

As new buildout through subdivision occurs within the Lund Sewer System boundary, new or upgraded sewer infrastructure is needed to support people and businesses moving into the area. Development Cost Charges (DCCs) are fees collected from land developers on a user pay basis to help fund the cost of growth-related infrastructure. The rate charged reflects the impact that growth has on the infrastructure; the greater the impact the larger the change. This helps ensure that developers pay their fair share of the costs required to develop new infrastructure.

DCCs are used to pay for capital upgrades to sanitary, water, drainage, and transportation systems that are needed to support growth. They are also used to acquire and develop parkland.

DCCs are regulated by the province and cannot be used to pay for operational costs, maintenance costs, infrastructure upgrades required to service the existing population and/or new facilities such as fire halls, libraries, etc.

Bylaw information: Linda Greenan, Manager of Financial Services 604-485-2260
*Lund Sewer Information: Patrick Devereaux, Manager of Operational Services 604-487-1380

Regional District Office: Monday to Friday 8:30 – 4:30 pm (closed from 12:00 – 1:00 pm). Phone 604-485-2260
View Bylaw 550 at: Regional District Office, Lund Post Office and

For more information please download the Bylaw Presentation.