The Finance Department prepares the regional district’s five-year financial plans, manages banking and investment activities, and prepares employee payroll cheques, supplier payments and utility billings.

How are Taxes Collected in Regional Districts?
Unlike municipalities, regional districts do not have direct taxing authority. Instead, they rely on BC’s Surveyor of Taxes to collect their taxes from property owners in the electoral areas and from member municipalities. Regional districts inform the Surveyor of Taxes and member municipalities of the amount of taxes required to meet the annual budget, which is approved by the regional board each year at the end of March. The tax money is collected by the Surveyor of Taxes and the member municipalities and is forwarded to the regional district.

Where Do I Pay My Taxes?
Taxes for land owners in the City of Powell River are paid directly to the city. For further information, call city hall at 604 485-6291. If your property is in an electoral area, taxes are collected at the Service BC office located at 6953 Alberni Street, Powell River, BC V8A 2B8. If you are paying your taxes online, the Payee should be “Rural Property Tax BC”, not the Powell River Regional District. Contact the Service BC office at 604 485-3622 if you have questions about your tax notice.

Who Pays for Regional District Services?
Regional districts are set up to provide different services in different areas according to the needs and desires of the area’s residents and property owners. A service is paid for only by the areas receiving it. Therefore, the amount of taxes collected varies from area to area, based on the services that are received. See How Regional Districts Work  for more information on how services are established, structured and financed. Our Chart of qRD Services provides a clear picture of the services provided by the Powell River Regional District and of the areas paying for each service.

For details on how your property taxes are being spent see qRD Financial Plan.

How Do I  Pay My Utility Bill?
For users of the Myrtle Pond Water System or the Lund Sewer System, invoices can be paid with cash, cheque, Visa, MasterCard, or debit card. Mail cheques to Powell River Regional District, #202 – 4675 Marine Avenue, Powell River, BC V8A 2L2 or stop by our office to pay by cash, debit card or credit card.

If you have questions about the regional district’s finances, budget or property taxes, please call our Manager of Financial Services, Linda Greenan. For information on your utility bill or an invoice, please contact our Accounting Clerk. Both can be reached by phone at 604 485-2260 or by email at