The Planning Department is currently working on the following major initiatives:

Texada Island (Area D) Official Community Plan Update
It’s time to update the Texada Island Official Community Plan! The Official Community Plan (OCP) is the policy document that sets out the vision, goals and objectives for the future of your island. The OCP helps guide the Regional Board, staff and community members to make decisions on issues such as housing, employment, social well-being, environment and transportation. This update will provide a renewed vision for Texada and its residents, as well as the policy framework to guide the island into the future.

The Regional Board recently appointed twelve community members to the Texada OCP Planning Advisory Committee. Monthly meetings of the Advisory Committee are open to the public to attend as observers and there will be time at the end of each meeting for question period.

Stay Tuned! In addition to the Advisory Committee meetings, there will be many more opportunities for you to participate. Stay tuned for future community engagement events near you! Don’t want to miss an upcoming OCP event?

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Lund Watershed Zoning Updates
Following a review of Lund Watershed Zoning Bylaw No. 172, 1989, it has been determined that many sections of this 25 year old bylaw are inconsistent with the recently adopted Electoral Area A Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 500, 2015. Under the Local Government Act there is a requirement for zoning bylaws to be consistent with official community plan bylaws. Proposed updates for Lund Watershed Zoning will be presented at a community meeting for residents of Electoral Area A. A meeting was held at the Northside Community Recreation Centre on Monday, October 24, 2016 from 7-9:00 pm.


Green Shores for Homes
Since 2014, the Regional District has been collaborating with the Stewardship Centre for British Columbia as one of four local governments selected to join the Green Shores for Homes Pilot Program. Green Shores for Homes is a voluntary and incentive-based program designed to help communities restore natural shorelines and enjoy the many environmental, recreational, scenic, and shoreline protection benefits they bring. If you own waterfront property and want to learn more about the Green Shores approach, the Regional District can help you connect with professionals and resources to make this cost-effective solution work for you! Contact us today, or visit the resource links below.