qathet Regional District holds regularly scheduled board and standing committee meetings at #103-4675 Marine Ave, Powell River. Members of the public are welcome to attend these meetings to observe, or to to appear as a delegate to present information or make recommendations. Go to our Calendar of Meetings & Events (click here) view the schedule of meetings. For more information on the conduct of these meetings, please review the Board Procedure Bylaw (click here).

Open Meetings
Unless a meeting or part of a meeting is authorized to be closed to the public by the Local Government Act and Community Charter, all meetings must be open to the public. Before closing a board or committee meeting to the public, the board or committee must pass a resolution in a public meeting in accordance with the Community Charter.

qathet Regional District streams all meetings live. Videos are best viewed using the latest version of Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Windows 10 Edge as your browser choice.  Please note that our system is still in a testing phase.  For technical concerns, please email the webcast service provider at

CLICK HERE to view meetings live, or for a list of archived meeting.

Members of the public are welcome to address the board or its standing committees. If you wish to be a delegation, please contact:
Manager of Administrative Services
#202 – 4675 Marine Avenue
Powell River, BC  V8A 2L2
Phone: 604-485-2260   Fax: 604-485-2216

Please included the following in your request:

  • Name of the delegation members or organization
  • Subject of delegation
  • Relevant background information
  • Any requests for action being made of the board or committee
  • Any resolutions being recommended to the board or committee

The name of your delegation and any documents supplied will be included as public record on the meeting agenda. From more information, please refer to the Direction to Delegations guide (click here).

Delegation Size
The committee meeting room at our office holds a maximum of 25 people, including directors and staff. With adequate notice, a committee meeting can be moved to another location to accommodate large delegations. However, if your delegation is large and we do not get adequate notice, some delegation members may not be able to participate in the meeting.

Unscheduled Delegations
With the approval of the majority of the members present, a delegation may address a board or committee meeting even if it has not given notice or a report. The chair has the authority to restrict the time allowed for such presentations. If the board does not consider your matter urgent, it may direct your delegation to one of its committees for further consideration. Should that happen, the board will not be able to resolve your matter until it has heard from that committee.

Delegations Regarding Bylaws

A delegation is not permitted to address the board about a bylaw which has been considered at a required public hearing.

Agendas & Minutes
We provide open access to agendas and minutes for our board and committee meetings. Upcoming meeting agenda packages and all minutes are posted to this website (click here). From more information, contact use at at 604-485-2260.

Links for Meetings, Minutes and Agendas