Pursuant to Regional District Policy No. 2.4, full meeting agenda packages will be posted to the website for the public at the same time that they are made available to Committee or Board members – approximately 72 hours prior to a scheduled meeting. A paper copy will be available at the regional district office.

Please click on the link to the meeting below for agendas.

Note:  Regional district agendas are now being published in multiple formats. For those on dial-up, use the html format. The split screen format allows you to view the agenda and an individual agenda item at the same time and pdf format is also available.  To view/print pdf format, you will need Adobe Reader installed. Adobe Reader is free to download.

Regional Board

Regional Hospital Board

Committee of the Whole

Regional Hospital District Committee of the Whole

Rural Services Committee – No Longer Active

Planning Committee

Parks & Greenspace Implementation Advisory Committee No Longer Active

Agricultural Advisory Committee

Savary Island Dock Advisory Committee

Texada Airport Advisory Committee

Area A OCP Planning Advisory CommitteeNo Longer Active

Texada Island Recreation Commission

PR Regional Emergency Planning Committee

PR Regional Emergency Executive Committee

Lasqueti Island Solid Waste Management Advisory Committee

Electoral Area ‘E’ Emergency Dispatch Advisory Committee

Solid Waste Management Plan Advisory Committee

Area D (Texada) OCP Planning Advisory CommitteeNo Longer Active

Regional Trails Network Chair’s Standing CommitteeNo Longer Active

Composting Advisory Committee
June 28, 2012