2018 Notice of Assent Voting – Bylaw 531On October 20, Electors in qathet Regional District Electoral Area E (Lasqueti Island) will vote on the following referendum question:

“Are you in favour of the qathet Regional District adopting Bylaw No. 531 to establish a service for the purpose of providing financial assistance to the Lasqueti Last Resort Society for operation of the Lasqueti Island Health Centre located at the Judith Fisher Centre, and to authorize a maximum annual requisition of $45,000?”


The Lasqueti Last Resort Society was founded in 2002 and provides care to elders and others in need. In May of 2017 the Lasqueti Last Resort Society wrote to qathet Regional District expressing the need for ongoing funding for operations and maintenance of the health centre.

Synopsis of Proposed Bylaw

To view entire Bylaw click the link below:

Bylaw No. 531 – “Lasqueti Island Health Centre Contribution Service Establishment Bylaw No. 531, 2018”

The general intent of this bylaw is to establish a service to provide financial assistance by agreement with the Lasqueti Last Resort Society for the operation of a health care facility on Lasqueti Island. The area that is subject to the bylaw is all of Electoral Area E. The maximum annual taxation for the service is $45,000.


Michelle Jones,
Chief Election Officer