We are excited to be developing a new Texada Island Official Community Plan!
It’s time to renew the 2005 Texada Island Official Community Plan! An Official Community Plan (OCP) is a policy document that sets out the long term vision, goals and objectives for the future of your island. An OCP helps guide the Regional Board, staff and community members to make decisions on a wide range of themes including: land use, housing, economic development, social well-being, environment and transportation. This plan will provide a renewed vision for Texada and its residents, as well as the policy framework to guide the island into the future.

Planning Process
The new Official Community Plan will be created through a four-phase planning process based on sound and established land use planning and design principles. The planning process graphic below illustrates the four distinct phases and highlights: anticipated timelines; key activities; role of the advisory committee; public events; and outcomes for each of the four phases.



Phase 1 Complete!

Phase 1 was the “pre-planning” phase of the process with a focus on laying the ground work for the official community plan. Activities during Phase 1 included: establishing an Area D OCP Planning Advisory Committee to oversee the planning process; holding a community meeting to introduce the planning process; reviewing all previous reports, studies and plans relating to Texada Island. Phase 1 culminated with completion of the Area D OCP Technical Background Report. Download the report below, or visit the Texada Community Library for a paper copy.

Click here for the Technical Background Report

Phase 2 Complete!

Phase 2 was the “listening” phase of the planning process with a focus on exploring the community. Activities during phase 2 included: facilitating a community visioning workshop to hear community members views on planning issues, priorities and future vision for Texada; conducting a community survey; conducting a stakeholder survey; holding pop-up engagement sessions with elementary and high school students. Phase 2 culminated with completion of the Area D OCP Community Engagement Report. Download the report below, or visit the Texada Community Library for a paper copy.

Click here for Community Engagement Report

Click below for the appendices:

Appendix A – Phase 1 Open House Newsletter
Appendix B – Phase 1 Open House Engagement Results
Appendix C – Phase 1 Open House Feedback Forms
Appendix D – Phase 2 Workshop Newsletter
Appendix E – Phase 2 Workshop Ice Breaker Results
Appendix F – Phase 2 Workshop Interview Matrix Results
Appendix G – Phase 2 Workshop Interactive Map Results
Appendix H – Phase 2 Workshop Feedback Forms
Appendix  I –  Phase 2 Community Survey Results
Appendix  J – Phase 2 Pop-Up Engagement with Elementary School Students Results
Appendix K –  Phase 2 Pop-Up Engagement with High School Students Results
Appendix L- Phase 2 Stakeholder Survey Results          

Phase 3 Underway!

Phase 3 is the “planning and development” phase of the process. Activities during Phase 3 will include working with the Community Advisory Committee to combine the findings from Phase 1 and 2 of the planning process; preparing a refreshed community vision statement; updating OCP maps, objectives and policies. Phase 3 will culminate in a community meeting to present the draft OCP and solicit feedback from the public.

Stay In Touch!

Over the next few months, there will be more opportunities for you to participate! Make sure not to miss future community engagement opportunities!

Contact the Planning Department for More Information

Phone: 604-485-2260
Email: planning@qathet.ca
Visit: #202-4675 Marine Ave, Powell River

Attend OCP Advisory Committee Meetings

Monthly meetings of the Advisory Committee are open to the public to attend as observers and there will be time at the end of each meeting for question period. Agenda’s for each meeting are posted prior to the date of the meeting under the “Agendas” section of the PRRD website (click here).

Date:     January 8, 2019
Time:    5:00-7:30 pm
Place:    Texada Community Hall, Gillies Bay, BC

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