We are excited to be developing a new Texada Island Official Community Plan!
It’s time to renew the 2005 Texada Island Official Community Plan! An Official Community Plan (OCP) is a policy document that sets out the long term vision, goals and objectives for the future of your island. An OCP helps guide the Regional Board, staff and community members to make decisions on a wide range of themes including: land use, housing, economic development, social well-being, environment and transportation. This plan will provide a renewed vision for Texada and its residents, as well as the policy framework to guide the island into the future.

We’ve been keeping the community updated through the monthly Express Lines’ newsletter.
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Volume 1: February 2017

Volume 2: March 2017

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Volume 7: August 2017

Volume 8: September 2017

Volume 9: October 2017

Volume 10: November 2017

Volume 11: December 2017

Volume 12: January 2018

Click here to see the current Texada Island Official Community Plan, Bylaw No. 395, 2005


Planning Process
The new Official Community Plan will be created through a four-phase planning process based on sound and established land use planning and design principles. The planning process graphic below illustrates the four distinct phases and highlights: anticipated timelines; key activities; role of the advisory committee; public events; and outcomes for each of the four phases.


Phase 1 Progress
We are currently in phase one of the planning process. Phase one activities have been focused on: establishing a community advisory committee; holding an introductory community open house; reviewing background reports and studies; reviewing the 2005 official community plan; and preparing a technical background report. The Area D Official Community Plan – Planning Advisory Select Committee has been meeting monthly since January 2017 to provide advice on all phase one activities.

Area D Official Community Plan Planning Advisory Committee
In fall 2016, a call for community members to participate in the Area D Official Community Plan – Planning Advisory Select Committee 2017 was circulated on Texada. Twelve Texada residents have been selected and appointed to the committee to represent the diversity of interests on the island. The Regional Board is excited to involve area residents in planning for the future of Texada. They believe that an informed and engaged community results in decisions that serve the common good. Click to view the committee’s Terms of Reference.

Monthly meetings of the Advisory Committee are open to the public to attend as observers and there will be time at the end of each meeting for question period. Agenda’s for each meeting are posted prior to the date of the meeting under the “Agendas” section of the PRRD website (click here).

Date:     February 6, 2018
Time:    5:00-7:30 pm
Place:    Royal Canadian Legion, Van Anda

March 18, 2017 Open House
On Saturday March 18, over 40 people attended an Open House at the Texada Community Hall to learn more about the Official Community Plan (OCP). Thank you to everyone who took the time to join us! The OCP will be developed through a planning process that will result in a new OCP which contains policy on land use and development. Residents, property owners and businesses will play a central role in planning for the island. By sharing your ideas of Texada with neighbours and the Regional District, you can help create a renewed vision for Texada Island.

Click here for the open house handout (PDF)
Click here for photos of the open house (PDF)

Laying The Groundwork: Technical Background Report
In the first stage to develop the Official Community Plan, we are “Laying The Groundwork” which includes developing a Technical Background Report. This includes collecting and reviewing all plans, reports and studies related to land use and community planning on Texada Island. Click here to review the list of reference documents. If a referenced document does not have an online link, please get in touch with us or contact the reference author.

The Rock – Our Community Plan Photo Contest!
Do you live, work or play on Texada? We want to see your photos! Send your photos to us and you’ll be entered into The Rock – Our Community Plan Photo Contest. Winning photos will be included in the new OCP!

Click here for full contest rules and photo submission themes

Photos can be emailed to planning@powellriverrd.bc.ca


Stay In Touch!
Over the next few months, there will be more opportunities for you to participate! Make sure not to miss future community engagement opportunities! Sign up for the mailing list by contacting us:

Phone: 604-485-2260
Email: planning@powellriverrd.bc.ca
Visit: #202-4675 Marine Ave, Powell River