Change the batteries in your
smoke detectors regularly

Keep your chimney clean

Keep the lint trap and hose
on your clothes dryer clear


The regional district requests that you  post your house number in a prominent location on your property so that our emergency service providers can find you. The best location is a visible spot where your private driveway meets the public road. If you require a house number, please contact the regional district office at 604 485-2260. There are no house numbers on Lasqueti Island.

The qathet Regional District operates four fire departments. Each department is made up of a committed group of men and women who volunteer their time and energy to help protect their communities. Contact information for each fire department is listed below. Click on the name of the individual fire department for more information. None of our fire halls are manned. If you leave a message at one of the phone numbers below, someone will get back to you. If you require immediate assistance, contact the regional district office at 604 485-2260.

If you have an emergency, please dial 911 unless you reside on Lasqueti Island. To report a fire on Lasqueti Island, call the fire reporting number 250 954-4432 (paging system) and follow the prompts. Do not leave a voice mail message at this number as this is an emergency fire reporting number only. When this number is called, all Lasqueti Island fire department pagers are activated. A fire department dispatcher will call you at the number you entered into the paging system and gather your information. For medical emergencies on Lasqueti, call BC Ambulance at 250 248-3511. They will gather your information and activate the responding team.






Fire Chief:  Dave Keiver
Address:  9999 Hwy. 101, Powell River, BC  V8A 0K3
Fire Department Office:  Phone  604 487-9911  Fax  604 487-9912

  • Northside Volunteer Fire Department – Service area includes properties from just north of Lund (north boundary of DLs 4194, 1615, 4204) south to Tla’amin Nation’s former reserve boundary and includes properties on the Malaspina Peninsula side of Okeover Inlet from Penrose Bay south. It does not include Sharpe’s Bay, Bliss Landing or Savary or Hernando Islands.

Fire Chief:  Jim Brown
Address:  8540 Plummer Creek Road, Powell River, BC  V8A 0E5
Fire Hall Phone:  604 483-7700

Fire Chief:  Richard Carlson
Address:  General Delivery, Lasqueti Island, BC  V0R 2J0
Home:  Phone 250 240-4128
Work:  Phone/Fax 250 333-8733

Fire Chief:  Gareth Jones
Address:  PO Box 79, Lund, BC  V0N 2G0
Cell Phone:  604 578-8006

If you are not sure if you are in a designated fire protection area, check the map of our fire service areas or call the regional district office 604 485-2260.

Fire Department Funding

Each department provides fire protection services to the properties in its service area and only properties in that service area pay taxes for that department. Properties lying outside of a service area do not pay for or receive fire protection services from the regional district.

Financial Contributions to Fire Department

All financial donations and gifts to any one of our volunteer fire department are gratefully accepted and donors can receive a tax receipt for their contributions.

Other Fire Protection Services In Our Region

City of Powell River:  the city has its own fire department. For more information, please contact the city at 604 485-6291 or visit the city’s website.

Texada Island:  on Texada, fire protection services are provided by Improvement Districts:


Wildfire Prevention Regulations and Restrictions
Click on one of the links below to direct you to information about the burning regulations for each area:


Community Wildfire Protection Plans
The Powell River Regional District retained B.A. Blackwell & Associates Ltd. to prepare a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) for Savary Island in 2009 and for the PRRD mainland in 2014. These CWPPs provide the Regional District with a framework that can be used to identify methods and guide future actions to mitigate fire risk.


Fire Protection Brochures & Links