In 2018 and future years, elections will be held on the third Saturday in October. By-elections are held as necessary to fill vacancies on the board.

Information on 2018 General Local Elections

Other Voting

Voting may be held from time to time on service establishment bylaws or other matters. These voting opportunities may occur at the same time as local elections, or at other times as determined by the board. The qathet Regional District is not currently running any referendums.

Alternate Approval Process (AAP)

For certain actions that require public approval, local governments may use an alternate approval process. In an AAP, the proposed action is advertised in local papers:  if at least 10% of the eligible voters sign a petition opposing the proposal, then the board must reconsider the proposed action or hold a vote on the matter; if less than 10% of eligible voters sign the petition, then the proposal may go ahead.